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Herb Plants

About Me

My Background

I am a self-proclaimed philosopher, environmentalist, and transcendent human being who is greater than the sum of its parts. This is my current and updated portfolio of poetry, projects, and the like. I love to write, tutor English and creative writing, and just experience life with other like-minded humans. Please feel free to interact.


Professional History

Creative Mind

February 1987-present

Independent writer, thinker, and artist for the sake of self-amusement. Nature enthusiast. Environmental activist. Seeking peace and equity wherever I roam.

Head of Household

June 2004-present

Mostly I'm a mom with the purchasing authority for myself and my household, for the last 15 years or so. I vote with my dollars (the few that I have) and so should you.


March 2005-present

The one weekend a month, two weeks a year kind.


September 2007-present

Not that it was intentional, but it has been rewarding. On track to receive a BA in General Studies, December 2019. I hope to stay in college as long as funds exist.