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  • Samantha Hoch

America the free after "Little Infinite Poem" by Frederico Garcia Lorca

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

To take the wrong road

Is to arrive at an impass

And go left

And commit to 4 brief lifetimes of fire and brimstone

To take the wrong road

Is to submit to false idols

And to worship a tremendous bronze figure

Who will hold your hand gently on the journey through hell.

To take the wrong road

Is to choose

The lesser of two evils

And to watch your reality melt into golden pools of oil

That glimmer in his likeness

If the road truly leads us in the wrong direction

We arrive back at the impass

Where a great wall keeps out the evils

That hold us safely in isolation

And the wails of the suffering can be heard

From outside

Or from within.

I’ve seen the wanderers of this road

Disintegrate in spirit while their souls are compressed

Under the weight of the heartache

Of taking the wrong road.

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