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  • Samantha Hoch

Reminder after "The anger that breaks a man down into boys" by Cesar Vallejo

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

The anger that breaks women down into girls

That breaks girls down into equals

Reminds us that we are the same.

The anger that pushes mothers into servitude

That turns servitude into slavery

Reminds us who it is that we work for.

The anger that turns executives into pantsuits

That turns professionalism into minimalism

Reminds us who build these companies.

The anger that turns Jane Doe into a victim

That turns the victim into “she shouldn’t have worn that”

Reminds us who, in fact, the inferior are.

The anger that turns your body into their business

That turns their business out of your hands

Reminds us who needs to lead.

And the anger that that turns your scream into a muffled sound

That turns the muffled sound into silence

Will remind you to let your actions speak.

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